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K9 Mountaineer Club

is located in Conway,
New Hampshire 

Trusted Trainer

As an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer, owner Marianne Finney, has the knowledge and skill to help enhance your relationship with your canine. The key is to understand your dog’s behavior combined with consistent effective training.

K9 Mountaineer Club’s training philosophy starts from the day you bring home your puppy or dog. This relationship with your new canine companion is built on positive interaction, trust and consistency. Non-confrontational training and benevolent leadership is an effective and dog friendly approach to training. It is NOT necessary to force, intimidate, dominate or manhandle your dog to train them.

Trustworthy handler
Expert care
Certified Trainer
Effective Strategies

A unique doggie daycare service

K9 Mountaineer Club is unlike any doggie daycare around. This “mobile” daycare comes to your home and picks up your dog to bring hiking or swimming with a group of other dogs. At the end of the outing your dog is returned to you relaxed and ready for a nap.


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