Bella                                  Bear
Here's what clients are saying about the "K9 Club" experience:
Bear and Bella have been hiking with Marianne for 3 years now and they just love going with her on outings.  She provides my dogs with an experience that I cannot duplicate.  Each season provides a different outdoor experience.  I'm thrilled that my dogs have this wonderful opportunity to get a great workout, socialize with other dogs, and be in capable, loving hands with Marianne at K-9 Mountaineer Club.
Jeanne Primeau

Our rescue mutts quickly taught us an invaluable math lesson: dogs tired from exercise = better behaved dogs = happy owners. Is it any wonder that the highlight of each week is the day that our dogs join Marianne for a hike? We come home from work that day to very content dogs.
   Our dogs also benefit from the training reinforcement that Marianne provides on the hike. To spend several hours on a weekly hike with a certified professional dog trainer is the best follow up to obedience classes that we can think of. The socialization with other dogs has also been very helpful to our "dynamic duo".
   We highly recommend K 9 Mountaineer Club.
   Betsy and Drew Smith

   Moose                                 Mogul
They say dogs don't know time, but my dog Noel knows when it's Friday morning
because it's the day Auntie Marianne comes to pick her up! She gets to experience
her instinctual side of being a "dog in a pack". Marianne gives her something we
just can't give her even taking her hiking as much as we do. She leaves happy and
comes back happier. Marianne takes great lengths at making sure all the dogs are
compatable and safe. She brings snacks and her van has been adapted for their safety
during their travel back and forth. It's the best thing ever - I wish I could go!

Kate Hunter