More testimonials from "K9 Club" members....

If my dog could write this testimonial
she would tell you that it is
non-stop fun and adventure on her

hikes with Marianne and the other dogs.
When she sees Marianne coming it is

twirl in the air anticipation!      
Suzanne Birdsall

One of Mocha's most uplifting moments in her week is her Monday outing with Marianne and her pack of friends.
She leaves with great anticipation of her adventure and comes home content and tired from not only a days hike through the woods, but social time with
all of her doggie buddies.  We've noticed that Mocha has improved her social skills with other dogs and is able to tolerate dog noises and sightings in the
neighborhood without much difficulty.  It's such a huge part of making her a well rounded dog. 
Denise & Brian Taylor