This is Bo. He's a three year old (born1/17/07) that had spent 1.5 years at German Shepard Rescue that I worked for. I had worked with him extensively and had wanted to adopt him a year ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances it was not to be. However, one year after I had worked for the rescue group I still could not get this incredibly beautiful, yet misunderstood dog off my mind. I called to see if he was still there and due to some legal issues it would be just a little bit longer before I'd be able to take him and call him one of my own. I finally got the call I'd been waiting for. He was still there and mine to take if I wanted to....boy did I ever want to.
Keep in mind my female is not all that dog friendly. However, since Bo has great dog skills it was possible that it could/would work. So I decided to make a go of it. Once I had him in my hands I knew there was no turning back.
In much shorter time than I ever imagined my female (Fawn) and Bo have made huge strides. They are both walking around freely in the house without the use of barriers. The progress I've made in just a few weeks I expected 6 months or more to take.
As with most dogs at German Shepard Rescue he is not without baggage. He was surrendered to them due to non-friendly behavior towards humans. He's a great dog that deserves a chance. Between the time I spend at Loki Clan Wolf Refuge, Conway Area Humane Society and the time I spent working at German Shepard Rescue, there's always that one dog who you become attached to above and beyond the rest. Bo is this dog. 
I hadn't seen him in a year when I got the call that he was still there and available. I thought I was going to have to re-introduce myself the way I did when I first met him...slowly, cautiously, etc...but the instant he saw me he ran to me as if to say "Where have you been all this time??!! I've been waiting for you!!"
After having him in my house for a week, I needed to go back to the rescue to pick up some food for him. I wondered if Bo would be excited and thrilled to go back...After all, it's where he spent the last 1.5 years of his life. There was absolutely no reaction when I pulled into their driveway. The reaction went from none, to a look of despair and disbelief (that same look he used to give me when I'd have to bring him back from working with him for the day). The look said "Oh dear doG!! You're not really bringing me back here are you??!!" Dogs might not speak English but his language could not have been any more loud or clear. My question was answered undeniably that day.
All my dogs still receive the love, attention, training and exercise as they did before Bo came. Rest assured none of my dogs are suffering due to taking in Bo. Bo is forever grateful (as Fawn was when I adopted her and still is). I got Levi when he was a puppy so he doesn't seem to have the same thankfulness as Fawn and Bo...he simply doesn't know that others don't have it as good as him.
Thank you for reading about and caring about my newest four legged child. They all mean the world to me..

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Bo on the top of Mt Chocorua
Levi and Bo at the beach enjoying the first day
of spring.
  Bo resting peacefully on what he has claimed to 
  be his new dog bed.
No, you're not seeing double! Although he looks like a twin or littermate to Levi, my seven year old german shepard, he's not.. 
See, we can all just get along