Continued education in dog training is incredibly important. The training methods over the last two decades have evolved immensely for the better. It is always helpful to attend seminars to keep current on my knowledge.  I attend as many as I can given by well educated and well respected trainers and behaviorists. I also have a fully stocked library with a lot of books written by these incredibly knowledgeable and experienced trainers/behaviorists.

Below is a list of seminars that I've attended along with the  speakers

Behavior Adjustment Training (aka BAT). Seminar for treating fear, aggression and other problem behaviors. By Grisha Stewart, CPDT, CTP

Instructors course on teaching reactive dog classes by Emma Parsons.

Dog Behavior including fear and aggression, anxiety and phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviors and training solutions for each behavior. Also included is medical intervention. Seminar by two of the most well known, educated and respected veterinary behavorists. Dr. Nicholas Dodman and Dr.    Ian Dunbar.

Click to Calm (refresher):  Healing The Aggressive Dog : Emma Parsons

Dog to dog AggressionPatricia McConnell, Ph D, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist with over 30 years experience.

Research and Science of Canine Behavior: Jean Donaldson
Author of many books, including #1 best seller "Culture Clash"

Pharmaceutical intervention of behavioral problems including aggression, separation anxiety and phobias: Dr. Nicholas Dodman, world -renowned animal behaviorist.

Canine Ethology: Gail Fisher, owner All Dogs Gym. With 35 years experience she is also named one of the top 5 lecturers in the world in dog behavior and training.

The Language of Dogs. Understanding Canine Body Language and Other Communication Signals: Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog. Emma Parsons

Clicker Expo, Newport, R.I.
With speakers that include Karen Pryor, Kathy Sdao and Emma Parsons.

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